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Young love...

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Is anyone on here able to invite me to the Fashion Spot forum?   I've been waiting for ages, I'd been very very grateful =)


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Have uploaded Holly Golightly DPT B Side for people who have not heard this great song!

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Eugh I'm back...had a great time at the weekend, but the downside was in return for a long weekend I've had to work loads of 8 till 8 shifts.  I'm shattered!! But am now off until tuesday, yay!

So I won't bore you too much about Glasto, I'm sure people have already talked about it and provided pics and vids, sadly I have none...but it was great, saw loads of bands, met very weird people and finally saw a burlesque show!! Here are my highlights and lowlights.


Kings of Leon - They were amazing, bloody brilliant, have seen them before but that night was so special.  I had tears in my eyes during Arizona!

Mystery Jets - I liked them alot, had never heard anything by them before but was really blown away.

White Denim - Were great, have finally got the album now!

MGMT - Loved and they seemed really chuffed when people sang back, was sweet.

And the very very lovely burlesque act on Friday night.


Missed Pete

Missed Carl

Missed Helsinki!!! (I kept forgetting who was on and what I wanted to see and getting distracted)

Amy Winehouse - Now I had never seen her live before, but obviously knew what to expect, but it was awful.  I read somewhere that Michael Eavis said she was great or something, but I missed that clearly.  She didnt seem to try or thinks she can get away with singing badly, I don't know.

Sharing a tent with my brother - Wasn't alot of fun, got to be honest!  Worst part, on Sunday some people in a tent near us had thought we were girlfriend and boyfriend...but other than that twas fine!

Had a great weekend, driving is getting better, I don't panic as much, which was a relief seeing as it was a longer drive.  

Now looking forward to Dr Who tonight and a lazy weeked.

Hmm, my sister has changed my layout again, once I can figure out how to change it, tis gone ads make it look horrible!

Anyways ...Au revoir and god bless!

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Current Music: The Rascals

Was sitting here bored, waiting for tomorrow (was packed at the wkend!) when I found this...


The title alone is genius, but then read the summary!  So I bought that slash book and this one...


Can't wait to get them!!

So excited about tomorrow!! Kings of leon live!!!  My brother will be there he is doing some charity/ volunteer work.  So should have some pics of KOL from really really far away....


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I'm making a mix cd for someone and am looking for Kings of Leon - My Party Remix.  Tried on all the communties and such and still can't find it.  Can't have Limewire on my comp or I'd have a look on that.  Does anyone have it and can upload it?  In return please help yourself to anything from my sendspace folder: 


If anyone knows where I can find this I'd be hugely hugely grateful!

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Just wanted to let people know again that my swapbot swap closes on July 1st.  If you don't know about Swapbot it's a website where you exchange gifts, letters, cds and crafts etc with people from all around the world.  It's alot of fun and makes a change from just getting bills through the post!

The swap that I have set up is here  http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16870 it's a indie mix cd swap.  You have until July 1st to sign up, then until July 15th to make and send it.  Doesn't matter if your a newbie to swapbot, just have a fully filled out profile and that's fine.  If for some reason you get flaked on (it does sometime happen) I will angel the swap and make sure you receive something.

Go and have a looksee!

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