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July 2009
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sailor_doll [userpic]
Shameless promotion

Just wanted to let people know again that my swapbot swap closes on July 1st.  If you don't know about Swapbot it's a website where you exchange gifts, letters, cds and crafts etc with people from all around the world.  It's alot of fun and makes a change from just getting bills through the post!

The swap that I have set up is here  http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16870 it's a indie mix cd swap.  You have until July 1st to sign up, then until July 15th to make and send it.  Doesn't matter if your a newbie to swapbot, just have a fully filled out profile and that's fine.  If for some reason you get flaked on (it does sometime happen) I will angel the swap and make sure you receive something.

Go and have a looksee!