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I was looking for songs over 10 minutes for a mix cd I was making and found Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth.  It's 19:35!  Everything else over ten minutes seemed to be prog rock but this song is so lovely!  Nearly 20 minutes long!!  Here's a rip of it if you've never heard it before, full version, reject the 5 minute one ;)


Also very pleased today as I got my DPT bundle and Yeti album!  I am now the proud owner of 4 records! Yep I know, don't get too jealous though, one is Spandau Ballet! 

 Do you know I've had animal crossing for the ds for years, and i stopped playing it because it was getting quite dull.  But yesterday I finally got access to Wifi, so much fun! I had a lenghy conversation about flowers and enjoyed it!

Also if you haven't got The Libertines - Rough enough stuff, you can download it from here.


I didn't have it, so quite pleased now!

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 Come and join my swap that I have set up here  http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/16870  It's an indie mix cd swap, and international, details are all there.

It doesn't matter if your new to swapbot you can still join my swap, just make sure you have a fully filled out profile to show that you are serious.

I know that people don't really need cds much anymore, but I still think it's really nice to make them up and get them in the post, makes a change from bills anyway!

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Sometimes you can get really fed up with people who don't follow through with what they promise.  At work, travelling to work even or family, and you start to wonder why you bother.  And then sometimes people go above and beyond to help you or do something so nice, when they really didn't have to, there was nothing in it for them.

I'm involved with www.swap-bot.com, it can be really good when you actually get what you signed up for.  I've had a couple of no-sends, but overall it's ok I think.  But what I got today made it all worthwhile!  I was involved in a swap where you had to make a journal describing your hometown, and today I received mine from my swap partner who lives in California.  She made me the most beautiful journal(really puts mine to shame!) but aswell as that she looked through my profile and bought me loads of arty bits to go with it.  The best bit though is that she also sent me the biggest box of Lucky Charm cereal!  I love them and can never get them in the UK, and now I can have 3 bowls a day!!! 

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So since Muxtape wiped all my songs I've put up some new ones...


Oh and on another note I just found a pic of Matt Lucas and David Waliams from their new Little Britain

Seriously how scary is that?


I cannot believe it, am so excited, trailer looks amazing and so many cute Pete/Carl bits!!!


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I have put my muxtape playlist 'The Cake of Liberty - Sex, drugs & Rock 'n' Roll' up on sendspace for anyone who wants it.


It's got Libertines, IAMX,Suede and I forget the others but you get the idea!

Now I'm off to have a lazy day and watch loads of Project Runway I had sky +

Auf Wiedersehen!

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First time I heard this I didn't get it, but after a few listens I love it.  Such a sweet song...

Babyshambles - Maybelline


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Current Music: DPT - Come closer

I have made a new muxtape playlist for anybody who is interested.  After making a mixed cd for a friend  I realised that so many songs seemed to be drug related,  so I added them to my muxtape for a sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll theme listening.

The Cake of Liberty (shameless Ian Dury stealing)


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So I've just heard that Pete is going to be on the cover of NME this week, so I shall end my boycott for this week only.  And I'm guessing thats why Babybear took all the photos off Flikr, bloody NME, ah well seen them anyways but I shall still buy it like the well trained fan I am.  Never buy mags now, is it something that just happens as you get older?  When I was about 12-13 I was mad for Sugar, Mizz, J17 and More, there isn't much out there for me now I dont think.  I am only 22 btw even though I'm remincing like a 52 year old.  I don't get Cosmo but I have found this v.v gay sexy pic of Maxie from Skins.  You have to admire it don't you?

Somebody likes to shave...

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